Reclaimed Wood Furniture's Green Journey

Reclaiming wood is a purposeful redirection of waste materials otherwise destined for landfill. It allows us to build with a story. Each piece still holds hints of its past life, with old nail marks, scars and signs of wear from many, many years of work as the structural "bones" of Toronto's oldest buildings. We currently have salvaged material from a recently renovated building on Spadina Avenue, as well as beautiful and rare southern US Long Leaf Pine and BC Douglas Fir beams salvaged from the Honest Ed's demolition site in downtown Toronto. 


Raw reclaimed wood joists, boards and beams are carefully salvaged by our crew. Imagine sending rare and high-quality 450-year-old lumber to the garbage dump — what a tragedy that would be!


The reclaimed wood is carefully denailed, cleaned and milled. By starting with old worn materials, we can achieve a wide range of aesthetics, whether shabby chic, live edge, rustic or modern and polished. 


We are still amazed at the beauty of the finished products we create. Every piece of reclaimed furniture is different, providing unique personality for your home or project. You could be touching something from the 1600s!